What are the body contouring business licensing requirements?

Starting a body contouring or body sculpting business? As of 2023 there are no federal (national) requirements for licencing a body contouring business. Non-invasive body contouring is classified as “miscellaneous personal service” in US.

You will need to check your current local and state requirements to confirm however most states don’t require you to have a specific license. We have found in most instances, states don’t regulate these services however it will not be written in plain English. Many states do not regulate non-invasive body sculpting businesses, however it’s a good idea to your research based on your location.

There may also be additional local requirements that must be adhered to when providing a beauty service such as the surfaces, lighting, ventilation and hand washing facilities of your premises, as well as hygiene procedures, both for your utensils and personal hygiene.

We have collated a list of state-based resource links that may help you research starting a body sculpting business and as a stepping stone to researching if your local state has any licencing requirements. These websites may or may not answer the question “do I need a licence” they are a great starting point.

Useful links for researching US State requirements