How Do You Use Monopolar RF Facial Skin Tightening Machines

Body contouring technology has continued to develop and increase in demand. Radio Frequency is one of the most useful non-surgical procedures, particularly for facial skin tightening.

Radio Frequency is a technology that several people know about, but most are oblivious of the differences between RF technologies and which one would be more efficient.

Introducing Monopolar RF

With monopolar RF, the current from the generator flows through a single electrode in handpiece and meets maximum resistance at its tip.Monopolar RF can treat the skin surface, middle layer of skin, deepest layer of skin and even subcutaneous fat deposits below the outermost layers.

How the process works

Skin loses collagen as we age, which can cause saggy skin and wrinkles. Radio Frequency energy targets the underlying structure of your face to induce new production of collagen and elastin that reduces signs of aging by restoring firmness to the dermis.

The local heating causes the fibers to contract immediately while increasing metabolism of cells, thus accelerating production of new collagen and elastin.

Skin tightening therapy is an alternative to surgery that uses radio frequency, ultrasound waves and vacuum pressure to regenerate collagen deposits in the skin. This process provides smoother, healthier looking skin by reducing wrinkles without any downtime or pain.

How Do Monopolar RF Skin Tightening Machines Work?

First, we need to attach the conductive pad near or on your body’s opposite side of the treatment area. Second, you should apply RF cream and ultrasound gel if necessary before turning on your machine settings and starting a session.

To get rid of the target area, start treating it. Heat the area with a handheld probe to at least 115°F (46°C). A study found that keeping this temperature for three minutes will cause heat-shock proteins in your body to release.

The Skin Tightening process is repeated up to three times a week for at least two months. Machine operations may vary, so consult your manual before use.

RF skin tightening courses and certification training online

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