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Does Freezing Fat Actually Work?

Fat Freezing, medically known as Cryolipolysis, is one of the freshest and hottest trends in non-invasive body sculpting. The process translates into fat dissolution or loosening through cold temperatures (cryo), making it sound not very comforting to some. Still, if we break down what all this means, you will understand that it’s a straightforward method! Fat Freezing operates by lowering the temperature around stored adipose tissue so swiftly and dramatically below healthy levels that any regular cell activity can not survive at such low temperatures. It causes damage to localized cells without affecting surrounding tissues making for a highly safe treatment with no downtime needed after each session because there are zero side effects from cryolipolysis, although multiple sessions over.

Body Fat Fundamentals

Subcutaneous fat is the more manageable type of body fat as it remains on top of our skin and can be removed through cryolipolysis. However, with age comes a decreased ability to remove subcutaneous fat, so we must fight back against each new birthday that passes us by!

Cryolipolysis was discovered in what way?

In 2009, a research team created a prototype freezing device for clinical testing on pigs. The goal was to develop an alternative to topical anesthesia for reducing pain during minimally invasive procedures such as dermatological ones. However, the team quickly noticed that it also worked well at removing fat and decided this may be applied in non-clinical areas too like cosmetic surgery clinics!

By 2010, the first cryolipolysis technology approved for human use was cleared to treat love handles. Clearance for other parts of the body followed soon after which included chin, stomach, backside and thighs got approval in 2011.

How much time does fat freezing take?

To ensure even fat removal from the front of your belly, you may need to apply this treatment multiple times. For example, four or more applications are needed for an area as large as your entire stomach!

So, does fat freezing indeed work?

After about three weeks, you will begin to notice the fat melting away. The average person loses ten to twenty-five percent of their body weight after one round and up to fifty percent with multiple rounds depending on your desired results! However, there’s no evidence that it has any side effects for anyone so this is a great option if you want fast results without surgery or long recovery times.

Who’s a good candidate for fat freezing?

Cryolipolysis is a fat loss treatment that works with body weight, not against it. This process freezes the stubborn pockets of fat without surgery and has no down time for recovery. The best candidates are those who have reached their ideal body weight but still struggle to tone up in certain areas by exercising or dieting alone.

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