Do I Need a License to Do Cavitation or Laser Lipo for My Clients

The Significance of Ultrasonic Cavitation

Women are so tired of losing unwanted fats on their body. Although having fats is normal, we often think of getting rid of it, as some of these can be considered unhealthy. Ultrasonic cavitation could be the best solution when it comes to this particular matter. Cavitation has an exceptional benefits for our body. It helps reduce and removes cellulite. It is a pain free process which gives everyone a wow factor because losing weight could be painless without too much effort to exert. Cavitation allows you to contour your body and target specific areas with a quick and effective results as fast as one session afterwards. Perhaps, some people would like to become an expert in body contouring. Well, you can give your client such offers. So, in accordance with this, do I need a license to do cavitation or laser lipo when this process involves no anesthesia, no surgery, no drugs, no discomfort, and no recovery time?


Do I Need a License to Do Cavitation or Laser Lipo for My Clients

You can perform ultrasonic cavitation with a simple certification from academies of beauty or online kinds of training. Though having a license is better. Laser lipo, on the other hand, needs an MD license if the process is invasive laser lipo that requires body stitches or is quite similar to surgical operations. However, a lipo laser with infrared or LED lights does not require you to have a license at all. Under the course, each state or country has different requirements. Some state do not require license but a simple certification will do if you have attended training courses regarding body contouring. But in the case of some state, performing radio frequency and cavitation for body treatment requires “license to touch”. So if you are still confused and you are asking yourself, do I need a license to do cavitation or laser lipo for my clients? You should stick on to these two factors:


Important Keys to Consider

  • Always know about the rules and law on your state regarding treatments and medication
  • License requirement depends on the machine you are going to operate with


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